FF4TAY Ability Human Kite iOS
Fly up into the sky, then attack for massive damage.

Human Kite (おおだこ, Ōdako?) is Zangetsu's command ability in the Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It consists of Zangetsu leaping into the air on a kite and later descending to attack an enemy. It takes longer to execute than a normal attack, but does greater damage and makes the user immune to attacks while in the middle of the jump. Human Kite has a Charge Time of 4.



  • The ninja's adaption of kites in espionage and warfare is another subject of legends. Accounts exist of ninja being lifted into the air by kites, where they flew over hostile terrain and descended into, or dropped bombs on enemy territory. Kites were indeed used in Japanese warfare, but mostly for the purpose of sending messages and relaying signals. Turnbull suggests that kites lifting a man into midair might have been technically feasible, but states that the use of kites to form a human "hang glider" falls squarely in the realm of fantasy.