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FFT The House Tengille appears in Final Fantasy Tactics and consists of three characters, all of whom are associated with the Church of Glabados and all of whom Ramza Beoulve must fight. The family is headed by Folmarv Tengille, leader of the Knights Templar, who has been possessed by the Lucavi demon Hashmal. Folmarv has a son, Isilud, who is also a Knight Templar but is unaware of the Lucavi plot. Folmarv also has a daughter, Meliadoul, who ultimately defects to Ramza's cause. Folmarv is known for mistreating his two children, as is made apparent when he strikes Isilud across the face at Riovanes Castle. Folmarv ultimately kills Isilud, but Meliadoul learns the truth and fights against Folmarv during the final phases of the game. Ultimately, Folmarv commits suicide while in the form of Hashmal.

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