The seal of House Solidor.

The men of my family, we are taught to place the needs of others before those of our own. I will see that you are kept from harm. It is my duty to House Solidor.

House Solidor is a noble Archadian family in Final Fantasy XII, having a permanent seat on the Senate, and de facto control over the Ministry of Law.


A noble Archadian family having a permanent seat on the Senate, and de facto control over the Ministry of Law. In the days following Archadia's establishment as an empire, House Solidor found itself in the opposition to the then-powerful military. Having won the ensuing struggle, it then initiated far-reaching revisions to the law in an attempt to prevent any further challenge to its supremacy. Subsequently, the Ministry of Law was created to monitor the military, with the order of Judges at its head. House Solidor's firm grip on the workings of the Empire can be felt to this day, with Emperor Gramis the fourth in a succession of Solidor emperors.
—House Solidor, Sage Knowledge

The members of House Solidor met in the game are Gramis Gana Solidor, the current emperor of Archadia, Vayne Carudas Solidor, the emperor's son and the Consul of Royal City of Rabanastre, and Larsa Ferrinas Solidor, the emperor's youngest son.

During the game, Vayne stages Gramis's murder blaming it on the head of the Senate, Chairman Gregoroth. He dissolves the Imperial Senate and becomes the sole ruler of the empire, until Princess Ashe and her friends kill him during the battle above Rabanastre, at which point Larsa assumes the throne. At the end of the game Judge Gabranth asks his brother to look after Larsa, since without him House Solidor would disappear, resulting in the empire succumbing into civil war.



"Solidor" may have different origins: the word resembles the Italian "soli d'or" that means "golden suns". It may have derived from "solid" with the meaning "strong" too.