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FFD Flamehound

Hounds is an enemy family form Final Fantasy Dimensions. Members of this family are based on Flamehound and its kin from Final Fantasy IV. They resemble hounds composed of colored flame.

Two enemies in this family have the name "Flamehound". Both of these enemies appear primarily yellow, and all enemies in these species resemble fire anyway, however this is due to a mistranslation. The enemy with the darker oranges is flame elemental, while the yellow one is lightning elemental. A more accurate translation of the lightning elemental's name is "Blast Hound" (from ブラストハウンド (Burasuto Haundo?)). The problem likely arose because "Blast" has no implicit connection to lightning in English. The same translation mistake is made with the Flameknight enemy.

The Japanese name for the Flamehound is "Flame Dog" (フレイムドッグ, Fureimu Doggu?), therefore the only enemies with "Hound" in their Japanese name are the newly introduced enemies of this family not previously appearing in Final Fantasy IV.

The Hellhound and Mangy Hound enemies are unrelated and considered part of the Canine family.


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