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Hoplite is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII. They can be called upon by the Boxed Phalanx in the Mah'habara Subterra.


Hoplite is normally weak and has low chain resistance and stagger point. When appearing along with Boxed Phalanx Hoplites they come in swarms until the Boxed Phalanx is defeated and the Boxed Phalanx can upgrade them. When Hoplites are fully upgraded, their stats are increased.


Tri-Disaster paradigm will defeat them quickly, especially with Lightning-elemental attacks. The best strategy to combat the "souped up" Hoplites is to use Saboteur to debuff them.


The hoplite was the Ancient Greek rank and file soldier. Hoplite combat was centered around a single idea: that battle should be bloody, horrible, and decisive. Though they were required to bring their own equipment, they typically fought with spears in a phalanx formation. The best-known of the hoplites were the Spartans.


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