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Final Fantasy XIIIEdit


Beginning of a BattleEdit

—Second fight against Barthandelus; requires being the Leader.

Paradigm ShiftEdit

Let's try something else.

Commando AbilitiesEdit

Ravager AbilitiesEdit

Try this on for size!

Sentinel AbilitiesEdit

I'm the one you want!

Saboteur AbilitiesEdit

Synergist AbilitiesEdit

Medic AbilitiesEdit

Got your back!

Careful now!

Full ATB skill: Last ResortEdit

I'll show you hope!

Maybe there's hope for us after all.

I decide my fate!

I'll fight and I'll survive!

Nothing can stop us!

Don't know my own strength.

I'm not giving in.


—summoning Alexander

Need your help, big guy!
—Alexander is summoned

Okay, let me up!
—Entering Gestalt Mode

Okay, let's do this.
—finished entering Gestalt Mode

Fire at will!
—attacking in Gestalt Mode

Demolition time!

I decide my fate!


I'll mess you up!
—Retributive Blast

Clear the way.

No holding back.

Divine Judgement

Thank you!

See ya next time!
—Summoning complete.


I did it!

Just like I'd planned!


I'm sorry I can't do this

Why me?

This isn't fair!


—When Lightning hits HP Critical; applies between Hope teaming up with Lightning in Vile Peaks up to Hope splitting up with her in Palumpolum.

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