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"Home, Sweet Home" from Final Fantasy V
FFV Home Sweet Home
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"Home, Sweet Home" (はるかなる故郷, Haruka naru furusato?, lit. A Distant Home), also known as "My Home, Sweet Home" or "Far-Distant Hometown," is a theme from Final Fantasy V. It was composed by Nobuo Uematsu.

Game appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy VEdit

"Home, Sweet Home" plays as the background theme for the town of Lix, Bartz Klauser's hometown. It also plays during his flashbacks when he and his comrade Warriors of Light visit his hometown.

The arranged version of the "Home, Sweet Home" by TOSE for Final Fantasy V Advance is included in the limited Final Fantasy Finest Box collection. It is the thirty-first track of the collections' second disc, which is analogous to the game's original soundtrack's first disc.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

"My Home, Sweet Home" makes an appearance in this prequel to Dissidia as a bonus battle theme. It must be purchased in the PP Catalog before being used, and once purchased it may be picked by default in all modes for battles against Bartz, Exdeath, or Gilgamesh, or taking place at the Interdimensional Rift.

Theatrhythm Final FantasyEdit

"Home, Sweet Home" appears as the Event Music Sequence for Final Fantasy V. In the iOS version, "Home, Sweet Home" is a Field Music Sequence that can be purchased in the app store for $0.99.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain CallEdit

"Home, Sweet Home" reappears in Curtain Call as a Field Music Sequence for Final Fantasy V, like in the iOS version of the original Theatrhythm.

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's DungeonEdit

"Home, Sweet Home" was arranged by Yuzo Takahashi as the theme "Memories of a Bygone Day." It was released as the twelfth track of Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon's original soundtrack.

Arrangement album appearancesEdit

Piano Collections: Final Fantasy VEdit

A piano arrangement of "My Home, Sweet Home" is featured in the Final Fantasy V Piano Collections album.

Final Fantasy V: Dear FriendsEdit

The Final Fantasy V: Dear Friends album features a vocal arrangement of "My Home, Sweet Home," named "Harukanaru Kokyou." It is sung in a mix of English and Saami, an indigenous language spoken in the northern parts of Scandinavia.


English and Saami (Dear Friends)Edit
So far away from my home, sweet home
Day by day, from land to land I roam.
Though told by the wind, which way to go.
Oh how I long for my home, sweet home.
Boađe ruoktot alot go
don dovtat tuski
Boađe ruoktot alot go
don dovtat váivu
du ruoktu vuordá
du alot
du ruoktu vuordá
du alot
Fragrant blossoms, blooming far away
Do my folks see them as I did long ago?
Are they still joyful, are they young at heart?
Will I see them again as I did that day...
(sang simultaneously with 2nd English stanza)
Bearaš, ushbat, ruoktu
dat eai goassige
vajaldahtc du
How far I've come from my childhood home...
There will come a time when my troubles are gone
And when I shall not be all alone.
Till then, I dream of my home, sweet home.
(sang simultaneously with 3rd English stanza)
Meahcci, čácit, albmi
dat buot vurdet du
dat buot vurdet du
English translationEdit

Final Fantasy: Love Will GrowEdit

What do you think is being sung by this mysterious song? Think carefully, looking at the words while listening... You will probably be able to understand the beautiful poem. The [duet] by the two is amazing.
—Liner notes to "Harukanaru Kokyou" on Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow album

Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow features a vocal arrangement of "My Home, Sweet Home," named "Harukanaru Kokyou" as well. This version is technically written in Japanese, although it is sung as if the Romaji were spelled inversely (i. e. from right to left). The song is mostly fragments of sentences, of which only a rough English translation can be rendered.


Idolem urodo iatu a wi rot,
Ukufu kush onuoy nehawuoch.
Etia di ukoik ura nakurah,
Enadu yoimi nnesar urugem.
Eteako ich atak--
Ureatu tso oodah.
Amia wibo koro yonneie!
English translationEdit
The birds sing a dancing melody,
Butterflies are a strange blessing.
Embrace distant memories
And entrust yourself to a circling spiral.
Change form--
Tell [others] of this wave motion--
Eternal joy is now!

Final Fantasy Song Book "Mahoroba"Edit

An arranged version with vocals sung by Manami Kiyota, called "Evanescence", is included on this album.

  • Lyrics: Manami Kiyota
  • Music: Nobuo Uematsu
  • Arrange: Yuji Hasegawa
  • Vocal & Chorus: Manami Kiyota
  • Acoustic Guitars / 6st. Banjo: Yuji Hasegawa
  • Keyboard: Kazuhira Degawa
  • Fender Jazz Bass: Midas
  • Drums / Percussions / Conga / Djembe: Hiroyuki Enomoto
  • Harmonium: Nobuo Uematsu


迷い込んだ 森の 奥で
密かな 鈴の音を 聞いた
導かれるまま 進んだ
たどり着いた 夜の宴
赤い衣装に 身を包み
緩やかに 踊る 少女と
燃えたぎる 炎の 色に
心 奪われて たたずむ
指先は 風を 掴んで
美しい 円を 描いて
揺れる 髪飾り かすかに
音を たてながら 煌めく
記憶を 揺さぶる 歌声
命の 喜びを 歌う
生まれる前に 聞いていた
まどろみ 誘う 子守唄
目覚めた 朝もやの 森に
かすかに 聞こえる 歌声
木々の ざわめきと 重なり
透明な 風に 変わった
泡沫の 夢の続きに
いつか また 出逢えるように
懐かしく 不思議な 歌を
空に 向かって 口ずさむ
English translationEdit
Within a forest where I'd gotten lost
I heard the sound of a secret bell
Led forth, I proceeded
And arrived at an evening banquet
A young girl danced lazily
Enveloped in a red garment
The color of the seething flames
Captivated, I stood a moment
Her fingertip grasped the wind
And outlined a beautiful circle
The decorations in her hair swayed, sparkled
And made the slightest sound
Her song rocked my memories
Singing of the joys of life
A lullaby, inviting slumber
I'd heard it before I was born
I awoke in the morning haze of the woods
And heard her voice singing faintly
Layered atop the murmur of the trees
It turned into a transparent wind
So I may one day meet again
The continuation of my ephemeral dream
I look up into the sky and hum
That strange, nostalgic songs
Japanese rōmajiEdit
Mayoikonda mori no oku de
Hisoka na suzu no oto o kiita
Michibikareru mama susunda
Tadoritsuita yoru no utage
Akai ishou ni mi o tsutsumi
Yuruyaka ni odoru shoujo to
Moetagiru honoo no iro ni
Kokoro ubawarete tatazumu
Yubisaki wa kaze o tsukande
Utsukushii en o egaite
Yureru kamikazari kasuka ni
Oto o tatenagara kirameku
Kioku o yusaburu utagoe
Inochi no yorokobi o utau
Umareru mae ni kiite ita
Madoromi sasou komoriuta
Mezameta asamoya no mori ni
Kasuka ni kikoeru utagoe
Kigi no zawameki to kasanari
Toumei na kaze ni kawatta
utakata no yume no tsuzuki ni
Itsuka mata deaeru you ni
Natsukashiku fushigi na uta o
Sora ni mukatte kuchizusamu

Cafe SQEdit

"My Home, Sweet Home" appears on this arrangement album, arranged to sound like cafe-theme music.

Compilation album appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy 1987-1994/Final Fantasy: N GenerationEdit

The "Home, Sweet Home" version from Final Fantasy V: Dear Friends is found in these albums as their tenth track.

Potion 2: Relaxin' with Final FantasyEdit

The "Home, Sweet Home" version from Final Fantasy V: Dear Friends is found in this album as its sixth track.

Final Fantasy VinylsEdit

"Far-Distant Home Town" is included on the fourth disc of this collector's edition set.

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