Bravely Default Holy Pillar

Holy Pillar.

The Holy Pillar is a divine occurrence that emerges somewhere on Luxendarc's after all of the crystals have been awakened perfectly. In Crystal Orthodoxy, it is thought that praying to the Holy Pillar will purge the world from darkness. Later, it is revealed that when the Holy Pillar emerges, it actually creates an opening to other parallel worlds.

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Pillar of Light

It is said that when all four crystals have been awakened, a pillar of light will appear somewhere in this world. Known as the Holy Pillar, it radiates with the First Light, divine source of life and the origin of this world and the heavens above. Airy claims that if she brings her brooch within the Holy Pillar, its divine light will sweep away all darkness and banish the Great Chasm from this world.


The Holy Pillar appears as an immense beam of light that appears only after the awakening of all four of Luxendarc's crystals. While stated to be the way to banish the darkness that caused the Great Chasm, it instead acts as a method of linking parallel worlds. Once this process is complete, a Great Chasm appears in the next world, destroying that world's Norende. To some degree, the Holy Pillar can be used as a way to travel to a parallel world; Airy uses the Holy Pillar in this manner to travel between worlds, while at least two people have fallen through accidentally.


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Upon Agnès Oblige's awakening of the fourth and final crystal, Airy reveals the existence of the Holy Pillar. Airy tells Agnès and her companions that the Pillar emerges when all four crystals are awakened and that it has the power to banish the Great Chasm. At Airy's request, the group flies in Grandship to the Holy Pillar, and enter it. Airy explains that her brooch will absorb the Pillar's light, and spread it throughout the world. However, Airy must enter a deep meditation and cannot be disturbed, so she asks Agnès's group to watch over her. At that point, the dark knight Alternis Dim attacks the ship with the goal of killing Airy. Agnès's group is able to defeat him, and he falls into the pillar. Going back to Airy, the group is swallowed up in a burst of light.

Awakening in a new world, where the Chasm is seemingly unchanged, Airy is unable to explain the apparent failure. However, she encourages Agnès's group to reawaken the crystals and summon the Holy Pillar again. Time and time again, Agnes' group journeys to reawaken the crystals and summon the pillar, and each time they seemingly fail to close the Great Chasm.

At the fifth and final world, however, they are initially led to believe that Airy has succeeded. It is at this point that Agnès's group learns the truth. Airy reveals that summoning the Holy Pillar actually creates an opening to another parallel version of Luxendarc, linking it to many previously linked worlds. In addition, the Holy Pillar's emergence causes the Great Chasm to appear within the next world. The linking of millions of myriad worlds is revealed to be part of a plan by Ouroboros to gain the power to enter the Celestial Realm. After the defeat of both Airy and Ouroboros, the link between the worlds disappears, resulting in the Great Chasm's closure.

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