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Holy Arts is a skillset in Bravely Default used and learnt by the Templar job. It focuses on physical damage and defence against physical damage from foes. Most of its abilities are MP based.

List of AbilitiesEdit

Ability Job Level Cost Description
Heart Strike 1 1 BP Unleash an attack for a guaranteed critical hit that deals two times the damage of a conventional attack.
Giant Slayer 4 16 MP Deal 1.5 times the damage of a conventional attack to one opponent with more HP than you.
Rampart 7 2 BP Form a shield around all allies that prevents one physical attack.
Radiant Blast 9 40 MP Unleash a light-based physical attack on one target that ignores Default's damage reduction effect and deals 1.5 times the damage of a conventional attack.
Desperation 12 Attack by adding the value of your physical defense to your physical attack. However, your physical defense will be reduced to minimum for that turn. The lower limit for P.Def is 75%.
Heaven's Gate 14 3 BP Make a number of random light elemental attacks equal to BP.

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