Helldiver is a flying enemy in Final Fantasy Type-0. It is a weapon of the Militesi Empire that is only encountered in the sixth mission.




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Anticipating that skirmishes would soon arise all across Orience, Militesi officials racked their brains to devise the most expedient way to deploy troops over great distances. In response, engineers in the Steelworks proposed the creation of an airborne MA. Thanks to recent advances in C-Engine teknology, scientists had no trouble overcoming the great hurdle of making an MA fly. That said, they still struggled with practical issues, like extending the Helldiver's cruising range or maintaining flight stability.

The Steelworks had only produced a few prototypes when war broke out, but demand for highly mobile units drove factories to begin Helldiver mass production ahead of schedule. As a result, the army officially sanctioned the S-462 Aerial MA before scientists could fix its overheating issues. Nevertheless, the introduction of this high-maneuverability mech still changed the course of the war, and officials dispatched Helldivers alongside mobile air units to relatively weak areas. Unable to combat these new airborne mechs, the dominion suffered great losses in these regions.



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