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LRFFXIII Heavy Guard

Heavy Guard in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Heavy Guard (ヘビーガード, Hebī Gādo?) is a recurring ability in the series. It reduces the amount of damage taken from enemy attacks.


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

LR Heavy Guard appears as a defensive ability. It has ATB costs of 15 (Lv.1), 14 (Lv.2), and 13 (Lv.3). It increases Lightning's physical and magic resistances by 50%, albeit at a relatively high ATB cost. It is an upgraded form of Guard. It's effects can be buffed if it is used while wearing the Sacred Knight garb.

Heavy Guard Lv. 2 is a locked ability for Quiet Guardian and Heavy Guard Lv. 3 is a locked ability for Paladin.

Final Fantasy ExplorersEdit

FFE Heavy Guard appears as a skill for axe weapons. It costs 500 CP and uses 80 AP and 15 Load. It nullifies 50% of incoming damage and can be prolonged by holding the command button, at the cost of more AP.

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