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Hayreddin Barbarossa is a non-playable character from Bravely Default, Bravely Default: Praying Brage, and Bravely Second: End Layer. He is the first mate of the Black Blades and keeper of the Pirate asterisk.

D's Journal entriesEdit

Black Blades

First mate of the Black Blades. He fought alongside Commander Kamiizumi for years, and his free-spirited personality makes him well-liked.

A 35-year-old man from Caldisla. His name is Hayreddin Barbarossa, holder of the pirate asterisk. Uncommonly strong, he can spin his massive axe around like a windmill.

  • Likes: Axes, rum, barrels of apples
  • Dislikes: Poor weather, lulls in the wind, choppy seas



Barbarossa is a 35-year old man short white hair and sideburns. He wears a long black jacket with red inside lining and silver trim. He wears a large black pirate hat with silver lining. His pants reach his knees and are brown with gold trim. He has a scar on his left shoulder. He has a black eyepatch over his right eye with a white skull design, a single black fingerless glove on his right hand and a silver hook on his left hand shaped like a small anchor or harpoon. He wears a white and black boot on his right foot and a wooden peg-leg on his left. He wields the large battle axe Iron Duke.


Captain Barbarossa is a kind and enthusiastic man who claims he yearns for adventure. Despite being a member of the Eternian Black Blades, he seems to bear little or no ill will towards Agnès Oblige and her companions, giving them a hearty welcome when they arrive on his ship and happily engaging them in conversation for a while before beginning battle. After death, his spirit remains on the ghost ship looking out at the sea, and he will simply laugh when spoken to.


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Prior to the events of Bravely Default, Barbarossa ran away from home to the Sea of Corsairs where he fought countless battles before he became vice captain of the Black Blades. At the time, Barbarossa was friends with Suleiman who went on a quest to find the location of the summon Susano-o for Mephilia Venus. But years later, Barbarossa later happened upon Sulieman's ship, the SS Funky Francisca, finding his friend had died. After reading Suleiman's log, Barbarossa took it upon himself to complete his friend's promise while fulfilling his duty as a member of the Black Blades to help support the Swordbearers in Eisenberg.

Bravely DefaultEdit

By chance, Agnès and her party went to the Sea of Corsairs stumble across the ghost ship that the Funky Francisca became and face Barbarossa. In the end, Barbarossa died in battle and his spirit is seen lingering on the Funky Francisca. Agnès and her group later encounter other versions of Barbarossa during their travels to other versions of Luxendarc.

Bravely Second: End LayerEdit

Though dead, Barbarossa regained corporeal form as prior to the Black Blades disbandment. Two years later, Barbarossa learned of his former teammate Praline à la Mode wanting to give a recently discovered composition by Arca Pellar her personal makeover. Considering Praline's act criminal, the composition revealed to be a sea shanty ballad, Barbarossa confronted Arca's grandson Rocca to not give her the rights to the song. But Barbarossa's loud voice went over Rocca's ears as he was later confronted by Edea Lee and the others as he explains himself.

In the first loop, if the group decide to fight Praline and beat her, Barbarossa is given ownership of the song as he promises to sing it as intended. However, if the group decides against Barbarossa, he reveals to have been following them with his crew and fights them. After losing, Barbarossa retreats.

In the "Redux" loop, if the group supports Barbarossa, he appears after Praline is defeated. He informs her that a vote was held in the last Saliors' Alliance, granting permission for the arrangement. Barbarossa brings Praline to Florem's Garden Square, and reveals that he had no opposition to Praline's arrangement but it was her choreography that bothered him. However, if the group supports Praline instead, Barbarossa engages them in a fight. After being defeated, Praline appears and it is revealed that Barbarossa never listened to her arrangement in the first place, misjudging it as being the same as other songs he disliked. Praline has Barbarossa listen to the arrangement in Florem's Garden Square and the song proves to be pleasing enough for Barbarossa and his crew to enjoy it, letting her have her way.

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Bravely DefaultEdit

Barbarossa is first fought on the SS Funky Francisca.

After he can be fought numerous times as the party travels through the different versions of Luxendarc.

Bravely SecondEdit

Barbarossa is fought as part of a sidequest.

Musical themesEdit

In Bravely Second, Barbarossa sings his own theme song Pirate Barbarossa's Grand Ship, Great Bellow. The song uses elements of a Pirate Chanty and Japanese Enka.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearancesEdit

Fantasy Earth ZeroEdit

Barbarossa's weapon appeared in a collaboration event.[1]

Other mediaEdit


LINE Barbarossa Sticker

Barbarossa appears on a sticker set for the LINE communications app. The sticker set he appears in is titled "Bravely Stickers - Volume 2".[2]


Bravely Default
Bravely Default: Praying Brage
Bravely Second: End Layer


Hayreddin Barbarossa was an Ottoman "admiral of the fleet", born in the island of Lesbos in c. 1478. Hayreddin is a title that means "best of the religion", and he was given his title by the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent due to his great service to his empire, maintaining the Ottoman dominance across the Mediterranean during most of the 16th century; the Barbarossa name is an Italian word meaning "red beard" due to the people of his family having red beard, and by the fact that his brother's name Baba Oruç pronunciation is very similar to Barbarossa. He is known for defeating the combined forces of Venice, the Vatican, Genoa, Spain, Portugal and Malta single-handedly during the Battle of Preveza (1538). He died at the Ottoman capital, Constantinople, in 1546.

Since Barbarossa holds the Pirate asterisk, his name can also be a reference to Captain Barbossa, the competing captain of the "Black Pearl" to Jack Sparrow in "The Pirates of Caribbean" movie series. Of course, both Captain Barbossa and Jack are pirates.

The name "Hayreddin" is equivalent with 'Khairuddin' or 'Khayr ad-Din' which literally means 'goodness'.

Barbarossa was also the name of an Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire who died en route to the Crusades. Operation Barbarossa, the German invasion of Russia during June of 1941 was named after him.


  • Following his death, Barbarossa's ghost can be found on the ghost ship with his back turned to the player. He and Qada retain their human forms as ghosts.
  • If the player has found the summon spell Susano-o, and uses it to attack Barbarossa during the battle with him he will thank the player for letting him meet the warrior.