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I knew there must be more to it, but to find you at the end of this tale... Heh, heh. Ah, to see the Marquis' face when he learns of it.

Havharo is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XII. He is the leader of the resistance in Bhujerba, and is in direct contact with Marquis Ondore.


When Vaan runs around Bhujerba claiming to be Basch, who Marquis Ondore previously announced was executed by the Archadian Empire for treason, the resistance takes him to see Havharo. While he knew straight away that Vaan is not Basch, Havharo suspects that Vaan is up to more than just playing tricks. When the real Basch enters the room, Havharo is surprised, but knows that the Marquis would be most pleased to see him. After this, Havharo is not seen again.

Creation and developmentEdit


He is voiced by Chris Edgerly in the English version, who also voiced Cid Highwind in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.


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