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XI When a Rune Fencer uses one of his or her job abilities under the category "Rune Enchantment", then they gain a special status effect corresponding to that rune and are said to be harboring the rune. A Rune Fencer may harbor up to three runes at a time, and they may freely choose which runes to harbor up to this limit.

Each of the eight runes is associated with one of the eight elements. A Rune Fencer with harbored runes deals elemental damage of the rune's element on their melee auto-attack rounds as an added effect, and has enhanced resistance against attacks whose element that the harbored runes are strong against.

Icon Name Element Strong vs.
FFXI Ignis Status Ignis Fire Ice
FFXI Gelus Status Gelus Ice Wind
FFXI Flabra Status Flabra Wind Earth
FFXI Tellus Status Tellus Earth Lightning
FFXI Sulpor Status Sulpor Lightning Water
FFXI Unda Status Unda Water Fire
FFXI Lux Status Lux Light Dark
FFXI Tenebrae Status Tenebrae Dark Light

Harbored runes also determine the effect of Rune Fencer's Ward abilities, Valiance and Pflug, and are expended for effect by the Effusion abilities Lunge and Gambit.

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