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FFLII Harbor

Harbor in Edo World.

Harbor is a location in Final Fantasy Legend II. Upon arriving into the harbor, the party finds Kame loitering around the area. He tells the party that Hana when to Echigoya's ship all alone.


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The party boards the ship, and finds Hana and Taro at the bottom of the ship. The main character asks if she's alright, but is surprised to see Taro down here too. She tells them that Taro saved her from Echigoya's gangsters, and thanks him. The ship is full of bananas, so now they can arrest Echigoya, and should hurry to the Court. The party offers to go with her, and Taro tells them that he'll go tell Kame that Hana is alright.

Spoilers end here.



  • FFLII Gun IconLaser
  • FFLII Cannon IconTank
  • FFLII Boot IconHecate


  • The bananas mentioned here was originally opium in the Japanese version.

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