Happy Bunny FFXII

The Happy Bunny is an enemy from Final Fantasy XII.

There are no actual enemies called Happy Bunnies. Instead, they appear as one of two other forms:

Both forms are docile until attacked, and in some circumstances will cast beneficial spells on the party.

Bestiary entryEdit

Class: Beast
Genus: Dreamhare

Page 1: ObservationsEdit

Being a fiendish creature taking the form of an adorable bunny (for which, indeed, it is all the more fiendish), living in the dry savannah lands, such as can be found in Giza Plains during the Dry, or Ozmone Plains. The name of the beastie is given to change according to its location, so that those of Giza Plains are called giza rabbits, and those of Ozmone Plains called ozmone hares. They are wont to migrate during periods of inclement weather, and one may find that, depending on the season, a given specimen may be found in Giza Plains or Ozmone Plains.

Page 2: Sage Knowledge 48 of 78Edit


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