FFXI Mjollnir

The Mjollnir, a recurring hammer.

Hammers (ハンマー, Hanmaa?), also called Flails and Mallets, are a recurring type of weapon in the series. It is usually a strong close-range weapon, used by melee Jobs, usually the Viking or the Berserker.


Final FantasyEdit


Hammer FFI Art

The Hammer.

The White Mage and the Warrior can equip hammers.

List of hammers:

Final Fantasy IIIEdit


Triton Hammer FFIII Art

The Triton Hammer.

The Viking is the only job that may equip hammers, other than the Onion Knight.

List of hammers:

Final Fantasy IVEdit



The Wooden Hammer.

Cid's weapon of choice is the hammer.

List of hammers:

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-Edit

FFIV-I- List of hammers:

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit

FFIVTAY List of hammers:

Final Fantasy VEdit



The Gaia Hammer.

FFV Hammer Icon iOS Hammers can be used by Freelancers, Berserkers and Gladiators. Hammers gain bonus damage from Strength, but unlike most weapons hammers use a different damage formula which only takes 25% of the target's Defense into calculations instead of normal Defense values.

List of hammers:

Final Fantasy VIIEdit



Only one hammer appears at any time through Cait Sith's Slots Toy Box Limit Break ability. The Hammer is dropped on the enemy for medium damage in terms of the Toy Box Limit Break at 3.5 times normal damage. The same hammer model is used for the Enemy Skill Magic Hammer.

Final Fantasy IXEdit



FFIX Hammer Icon During the first part of the game, a hammer is briefly used by Cinna, aptly named Hammer, which he is very attached to. This is the only hammer weapon.

Final Fantasy XIEdit


FFXI Club 16

The Warhammer.

Hammers are the most damaging type of Club weapon, but can only be wielded by White Mages and Geomancers.

Notable hammers:

  • Deae Gratia
  • Mjollnir
  • Werebuster
  • Morgenstern
  • Ramuh's Mace
  • Zonure
  • Templar Mace
  • Yigit Bulawa
  • Purgatory Mace
  • Mighty Cudgel

Final Fantasy XIIEdit



The Sledgehammer.

Hammers can be equipped by any character as long as they have acquired the necessary license. Hammers deal very unstable damage.

In the Zodiac versions, hammers, together with axes, are Foebreaker's primary weapon.

The damage formula for hammers is:

$ DMG = [ATK * RANDOM(0..1.111) - DEF] * [1 + STR * (Lv+VIT)/128] $

Due to the weight put on user's Strength and Vitality recommended Hammer user is Vaan.

List of hammers:

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

FFT Hammers are called Flails and can be equipped by Ninja and Squire jobs.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit


FFTA2 Iron Hammer

The Green Mage and the Viking jobs use hammers.

List of hammers:

Final Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesEdit

FFCC The ones from the Yuke tribe use hammers as their weapons.

List of hammers:

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of FatesEdit


RoF Toy Hammer

The Toy Hammer.

Lilties use mallets as their weapons.

List of mallets:

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of TimeEdit

FFCCEoT Lilties use mallets as one of their two choices of weapons.

List of mallets:

The Final Fantasy LegendEdit

FFL The Hammer is the only hammer.

Final Fantasy Legend IIEdit

FFL2 The Hammer is the only hammer to appear.

Final Fantasy Legend IIIEdit

FFL3 Hammers appear as a type of weapon.

List of hammers:

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of LightEdit

4HoL The Mythril Hammer is the only hammer.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


FFRK Hammer Icon
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