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I once knew a girl whose only wish was to be carried in her uncle's arms. Her Majesty is a woman grown now.
—Marquis Halim Ondore IV

Marquis Halim Ondore IV (ハルム・オンドール4世, Harumu Ondōru Yonsei?) is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XII. Ruler of Bhujerba, he tries his best to keep the city neutral. Ondore follows the orders of the Archadian Empire while secretly allying himself with Resistance forces. He commands an airship, the Garland.




Marquis Halim Ondore IV.

Ondore is a slender hume man who stands at about the same height as Basch fon Ronsenburg and Balthier. Although but middle-aged, his hair is white and his face unusually gaunt for a man of his station, suggesting a burden on his person which has aged him beyond his years. Befitting his status as sovereign ruler of Bhujerba and its sky continent, Dorstonis, Ondore wears a long saffron-yellow coat with a high open collar, gray vest, and pure white sides, over fine dark clothes and white boots with blue tassels (and presumably armor, as he wears leg guards). The back of the coat is embroidered with elaborate designs in silver, and bears a coat of arms on the hip-level on both sides–either his family's or Bhujerba's, or a combination—declaring his stewardship over the skycity. He wears a black bow-tie with a turquoise jewel and often carries an extravagant walking stick.


Despite the constant hounding by the Archadian Empire, the Marquis maintains his dignity and pride, stressing his rank and independence, and is not shy to remind Judge Magister Ghis that he is not one of Archadia's puppets; still, he displays a long-suffering manner that speaks of his great patience. As becoming of a ruler of a state of miners, engineers and merchants with limited military resources, Ondore disdains war, preferring cunning negotiation and trade, but if his hand is forced, he will "show no quarter," as Reddas notes, suggesting that his patience and pacifism barely outweighs his temper and pride.


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Ondore has known King Raminas and his daughter Princess Ashe since she was a child. Ashe refers to him as "Uncle Halim" as he and King Raminas are sworn friends, their closeness resulting in young Ashe's affection.[1] In the Japanese version, Ashe refers to him as "Oji-sama", the equivalent to "uncle" and an honorific toward middle-aged men. Ondore does not treat Ashe like a child, giving her no special treatment and respecting her views and thus they clash on some of their ideals.

Halim ondore's mansion

Inside Ondore's mansion.

Ondore leads Bhujerba, a skycity that has kept its independence from Archadia. Due to Bhujerba's neutrality Ondore worked as a mediator in the peace negotiations between Dalmasca and Archadia. He announced the deaths of Princess Ashe and Basch fon Ronsenburg due to a request from Vayne. Though he couldn't tell Vayne's motive at the time, he later realized Vayne was trying to make Ashe doubt the Marquis, preventing her from seeking his aid.

Ondore entered a secret collaboration with Vayne to provide him and the Draklor Laboratory with magicite from the Bhujerban Lhusu Mines. This was to be done behind the Emperor's back. It is hinted Ondore was forced into the deal, though he retains his stance of not being the Empire's puppet.

After escaping the Nalbina Dungeons and having discovered that the Rabanastran Resistance faction will not help him, Basch seeks Marquis Ondore's help to save Ashe who is being held captive by the Empire aboard Dreadnought Leviathan. Once in Bhujerba, the party spreads rumors that Basch is alive to catch the Marquis's attention, for if it became known Ondore had told a lie it would cripple people's trust in him.

Ondore meets the party

Ondore is not willing to help Ashe.

Once the party meets Ondore he wants to help Basch in his plight, but doesn't want to compromise his position. Instead of direct aid, he sends the player party off to Dreadnought Leviathan so can save the Princess, while simultaneously appearing acquiescent to Ghis whose fleet is currently stationed at Bhujerba. In the manga version, Vossler York Azelas, the Resistance leader who denied Basch aid earlier, visits the Marquis to tell him he does not trust him, but Ondore explains he had Basch's party taken captive so they could save Ashe, and implores Vossler to have faith in him and Basch both.

The party saves Ashe with Vossler's aid who comes onboard disguised as an Imperial soldier, and returns to Bhujerba. Ondore is not willing to support Ashe to claim Dalmasca's throne for she has no proof of her lineage, and thus would struggle to be recognized as the rightful heir. Ashe gets the sky pirates to 'kidnap' her, and escapes Bhujerba.


Ondore leading the Resistance forces in the Garland.

Ondore secretly funds a local Bhujerban resistance faction and emerges as their leader, commanding their flagship, the Garland. While he holds talks with the Archadian Judges, and acts as mediator for Archadia and other nations, he wants to bring down the oppressive Empire and even considers using nethicite to force Archadia to sign a peace treaty.

After the Dreadnought Leviathan has been destroyed by the Dawn Shard, Ondore seizes the opportunity and steps down as Marquis and leaves Bhujerba citing sudden illness. His true motive is to gather the loose Resistance factions to form an army strong enough to oppose the Empire. He seeks Reddas's help in Balfonheim and recruits him to steal nethicite from the Draklor Laboratory, but this plan fails. Ondore then seeks aid from Rozarria.

War between the Empire and the Resistance breaks as the Battle above Rabanastre, with Ondore leading the Resistance, and Vayne Solidor leading the Imperial forces aboard his Sky Fortress Bahamut. The war ends in Vayne's defeat and his younger brother Larsa Ferrinas Solidor succeeds him and calls for a ceasefire. After his goal has been fulfilled, the Resistance disbands and Ondore returns to Bhujerba.


Ondore is voiced by Tom Kane in English and speaks with a British-Indian accent. He narrates the game's storybook sections, excerpts from his book Memoirs of Mqs. Halim Ondore IV. He is voiced by Akio Nojima in the Japanese version.

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Ondore TCG

Halim Ondore appears in the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game.



[view  · edit  · purge]Halim is Turkish for "gentle," while its Arabic variant, Alim (Arabic: "حليم"), means "learned, expert, scholar."


  • Ondore narrates the storybook sections of the game, written in his book Memoirs of Mqs. Halim Ondore IV. This is similar to how the story of Final Fantasy Tactics is narrated from the Durai Papers; both games take place in Ivalice. The first narration by Ondore is chapter 12 of his accord, which may be an allusion to the number twelve, a recurring theme in Final Fantasy XII.


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