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Haja Zhwan

Haja Zhwan is a non-playable Mithra from Final Fantasy XI. Born 843 in Olzhirya, she led the Wildcat mercenaries from the Mithra homeland to assist Windurst is the Crystal War.


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Known as the "Roving Wildsword", Haja Zhwan was a general in charge of the Wildcat mercenaries sent to reinforce the Federation of Windurst during the Crystal War.

After the war, as a leader of the most ferocious unit among the Mithra Mercenaries, Haja has been granted a provisional seat on the Parliament of Patriarchs despite a few patriarchs taking issue with her attitude and thinly veiled threats.

It is rumored that her ability to muster such a large number of soldiers from the Olzhiryan Continent (the homeland of the Mithra) could be attributed less to the influence of the leopard coloring on her cheeks, which denote a royal bloodline, and more due to some unknown intention from within the Empire of Aht Urhgan.

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Type: NPC
FFXI haja
Location: Windurst Waters (S) (F-5)
Involved in Missions: Campaign battles involving the Wildcat Volunteers
Involved in Quests:

When One Man Is Not Enough


  • Haja's life story is part of an article in the Great Figures of the Crystal War writes.
  • The leopard coloring on her cheeks marks Haja as a descendant of the legendary High Matriarch Vhizeyah, a prominent figure in Mithran folklore.
  • Uses Detonator and her signature Bloody Quarrel weaponskill in battle.
  • It is thought that Haja is the mother of Naja Salaheem; who changed her name for unknown reasons.

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