The Haizhe is an enemy in Final Fantasy X-2.

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Fiend Arena

Fiend Arena Oversoul

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The Blue Bullet abilities Mighty Guard and Absorb can be learned from this fiend. They are not particularly threatening normally, though in Oversoul, they have access to all three levels of elemental magic. Elemental-resistant equipment and abilities are recommended to take on Oversoul, as well as being able to use Shell or a Lunar Curtain in the case that the player does not have access to elemental resistance. They are not terribly difficult to defeat, and using Lightning-elemental attacks will quickly bring it down.

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The Haizhe the player catches informs the player that he is in leagues with a Deep Haizhe he calls the "Old Man", and together they plan to protest the use of machina that destroy the environment. When released, the Haizhe meets up with the Old Man at Besaid, and they use a collection of machina to try and convey their message to humans. However, the humans do not understand them and tell them to go away. The Fiend Tale ends on a cliffhanger as the Old Man decides to exact revenge on the humans, and the player is told to catch and raise a Deep Haizhe to finish the story.

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