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Guard refers to three generic Damcyan soldiers that accompany Edward in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, referred to as Guard A, B, and C.


The Guards first accompany Edward when he leaves to investigate the Impact Crater when Harley fails to return after being sent their earlier. When Baron sends a messenger after the group returns telling Edward that Cecil wishes other countries not disturb the meteor, Edward, Harley and the guards travel through the Underground Waterway to Kaipo, seeking a ship to Baron.

When Harley is struck by desert fever, the Guards stay behind to watch over her while Edward heads to the Antlion's Den and retrieves a Sand Pearl to heal her. With Harley cured the group boards a ship to Baron, and the Guards are not seen again once Edward's Tale ends during their trip back to Kaipo.


TAYPSPBattle Guard

As they are guest characters the Guards have no special abilities, no Bands, and no MP. They can equip swords and heavy equipment. They join at Level 10 and cap at Level 20. Their best stats are their HP, Strength and Stamina. Guard A has the highest HP of the three, Guard B has the highest Speed, and Guard C has the lowest HP but middling stats between A and B otherwise. The three Guards are available as party members during Edward's Challenge Dungeon. If training Edward and Harley for the Challenge Dungeon, the player is advised to kill off the Guards, as they will significantly reduce the amount of individual EXP gained while alive.

The guards are palette swaps of Biggs and Wedge. In the Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection version, while the Guards all use the same battle sprite, their portraits are subtly different - Guard A's helmet is tinted green, Guard B's helmet is tinted grey, and Guard's C's helmet is tinted blue.


Guard A's Stats
Level HP MP Strength Speed Stamina Intelligence Spirit
10 320 0 12 8 14 5 6
20 756 0 18 12 21 8 9

Guard B's Stats
Level HP MP Strength Speed Stamina Intelligence Spirit
10 300 0 13 10 12 6 7
20 739 0 20 15 19 9 10

Guard C's Stats
Level HP MP Strength Speed Stamina Intelligence Spirit
10 280 0 13 8 13 4 5
20 723 0 19 13 20 7 8


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