The Griffin is an enemy in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. It is commonly found in most of the plains and river areas, such as River Belle Path and Veo Lu Sluice.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

Although a rather large and dangerous monster, the Griffin's main weakness is its low magic defense. Almost all tier 2 magics will inflict a status effect on the Griffin, making the fight a little easier. The main attack to watch for is its aerial energy attack, as it is near invulnerable while casting and almost always hits.

The only real defense for this attack is to either realize the distance needed to cast his ability and counter with Gravity, or to run around continuously. He also has an area of effect pound attack for close range attackers, which stuns and deals moderate damage. Lilties will find this monster one of the more annoying to fight against due to their dependency on physical attacks. It also boasts a short range tail whip which causes light damage, stun, and knockback.

Although it can prove difficult when in a group of support monsters, the key to besting this beast is to get it alone. Once this has been accomplished, the player will want to either continuously use focus attacks or -"ra" spells to keep it in stun/freeze lock. He has the rare loot Griffin Wing, which is used in one of the tier 3.5 weapons (Victorious, etc.) With some planning and placement, players should be able to put this canary to bed promptly after some practice.

Etymology Edit

The griffin, griffon, or gryphon (Greek: γρύφων, grýphōn, or γρύπων, grýpōn, early form γρύψ, grýps; Latin: gryphus) is a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle.