Greyshire Glacial Grotto, known just as Greyshire Grotto on its map and in the Japanese version, is a dungeon in Final Fantasy XV that becomes accessible in Chapter 3. It is an ice cavern hidden behind a waterfall west of Lestallum. The player can fight a Midgardsormr on the grounds outside it.

Completing the dungeon and retrieving the royal arm is part of the game's main quest. The player receives the quest from Talcott Hester in Lestallum. The player can travel to this location and retrieve the royal arm before talking to him, and if so, he will tell them about the waterfall and the party will tell Talcott they already retrieved the weapon.




Behind the waterfall at the entrance to the grotto.

Fabled "waterfall cave" tucked away behind Callatein's Plunge. The waters spilling forth from Loch Thriocess conceal congealed caverns whose winding halls have vexed many an adventurer hoping to plumb their depths.
A legendary sword connected to the royal family is said to slumber within the recesses of the cave, but its existence has not yet been confirmed. Although countless hunters have attempted to follow up on these rumors, the monstrous midgardsormr slithering around outside the grotto has served as a strong deterrent.


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Shadows meld into the darkness; all signs of thee are lost
Thy robes and blade of steel, sealed within the tomb of frost
'Til the coming of the king whose aid we call upon
I seal thee as a sign of hope—the light before the dawn

In an unknown time period a king and an Oracle sealed a powerful daemon they deemed a "menace" in a hidden dungeon in the depths of Greyshire Glacial Grotto. The king left behind monoliths for the Chosen King whom he believed one day to be strong enough to banish the threat for good. The king known as the Wanderer is found entombed in the grotto, the time frame likewise unknown. The About the Kings of Yore document in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades posits that royal tombs were erected as a memorial to the king or queen who claimed that land in the name of Lucis, suggesting the waterfall cavern was claimed as part of Lucis during the rule of the Wanderer.


Royal tomb.

After hearing rumors of a royal tomb being located nearby behind a waterfall, Prince Noctis's party heads out to investigate. They find there is an ice cavern behind the waterfall and scale its depths until they come to a locked door. Noctis has a key for it, and inside they find a royal tomb and Noctis retrieves another of his royal arms: the Swords of the Wanderer.

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Photo Op: WaterfallOutside Greyshire Glacial GrottoReach Chapter 03300 EXP

Retrieve the royal armEdit

Greyshire Grotto is a frozen labyrinth with various levels, slippery slopes and narrow ledges. The Almanac entry (Windows and Royal Editions) is outside on the ledge behind the waterfall.

Soon after entering the player can find a Fossil Shell. The party is soon attacked by flan, daemons resilient to normal weapons; Elemancy and royal arms take them out faster. Sliding down the slope leads to the lower level with a group of imps. The path leads up and it has a Rusted Bit along the way before arriving at another slide.

Holding on to the right while sliding the player finds an area with an Ether. It can also be reached from the other side. Continuing down the slope drops the party next to an arachne who can spawn tarantulas. Continuing along finds an ice deposit and a Hi-Potion. The path leads to three flan.

The map has a section the player couldn't explore behind them. If the player landed on the ledge while going down the slide, they may have been able to explore a part of that area. Otherwise, the player should go through the small opening after defeating the flan and pick up the Carbon Bangle on the right side and cross the bridge; this is the place where the Ether was. Passing through the opening finds Fossil Wood. The player can fight ronin, a mini-boss who spawns with two imps. It is best to kill the imps first. Exploring this part of the grotto finds Ammonite Fossil. Jumping down gets back to the beginning of the dungeon. The player can leave for a bit to save, if they wish.

As he player falls down from the slide, they should head right and cross the narrow ledge, and return to the place where the arachne was. Falling from the slide, there is a narrow ledge on the right. There is a fire deposit. Heading to the right finds a Friendship Band and imps. The player can also go to the bottom of the grotto that is guarded by an arachne, imps and tarantulas. There is another Rusted Bit and an Oracle Ascension Coin. Exploring the pathway on the lowest level, in the corner, finds a Phoenix Down.

From the fire deposit the player can cross the bridge and fight the arachne along the way. After crossing the stone bridge there is a lightning deposit and another piece of Fossil Wood. Heading right from the lightning deposit spawns a ronin and a second ledge. Crossing leads to the last area.

Three mindflayers spawn as the dungeon's boss battle. Killing them gives access to the royal tomb. The end has a sealed door that cannot be opened until Chapter 15.

Scraps of Mystery XIVEdit

South of Fort Vaullerey (the imperial base northeast from Malmalam Thicket) there is an abandoned car in the middle of the two forking roads. The treasure is in the Greyshire Glacial Grotto, down the first two "ice slides" on the north side.


The Web-Weaving PrincessesLestallum – Tostwell Grill1
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Ariadne x1, Kokyangwuti x3Greyshire Glacial Grotto (All Times)417,950 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★

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"Greyshire" is a Japanese play on words. The Japanese katakana rendering for the English terms "grey" (グレイ, gurei?) and "shire" (シャー, shā?) compound to make グレイシャー (gureishā?), the Japanese rendering for the English term "glacier". This play on words is less obvious in English, so the word "Glacial" was added to its name in in-game text to preserve the second meaning.


  • Ice cave in a location that otherwise is not a snow field is a recurring type of location in the Final Fantasy series. Greyshire Glacial Grotto may thus be an allusion to the Cavern of Ice from the first Final Fantasy.