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Powerful bomb. Covered in ice due to elemental shift.

Grenades in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance are blue variations of Bombs that are of the Ice element. They have some of the same skills as Bombs, in addition to the Chill skill which they can use to heal themselves.

Abilities Edit

Boom! Edit

Grenade command. Envelop surrounding area in fire.

Skill Effect MP Use
Blowup* Self-KO. Deals massive damage to adjacent enemies. 2
Chill Spreads chill from caster, causing area cold damage. N/A

* Denotes a Blue Magic skill.

Support Edit

Skill Effect
Weapon Atk + Improves weapon attacks to deal more damage.

Appearances Edit

Missions Edit

Prerequisites Mission Name Information
Free Roda Volcano Turf Defense Mission: Help Roda! The Grenade here is the only non-Fire enemy in this monster group, so make sure you do not inadvertently heal it with an Ice spell while trying to KO the Bombs.
? Mission #109: Snow Fairy There are only three enemies here, so cast a Fira spell at the Grenade and be done with it.
Free Gotor Sands Mission #065: Exploration The Ice Flan and Grenade here may take turns healing each other with icy attacks, so focus on one or the other.

Clan Encounters Edit

Home Base Clan Name Information
Gotor Sands Wild Monsters The Grenade here likes to come up close to your party members and cast Chill around itself. The Icedrake may then use Ice Breath to damage your units and heal the Grenade simultaneously.
Materiwood Lost Monsters Make sure the Malboros here are out of range of your mages before you aim a Fire spell at the Grenade.

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