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The Grenade is an enemy from Final Fantasy XII. It can be found in the Zertinan Caverns Hourglass Basin accessed by the secret passage from the Undershore Save Crystal.

Bestiary Entry Edit

Page 1: Observations Edit

Being a bomb built as a weapon of war, augmented by infusions of Mist. Its explosive power is many times that of regular bombs, releasing Mist from its body in a devastating shock wave. Though possessed of a particularly evil smile, this fiend has no thoughts as such, its expression being crafted as a means to threaten foes and harm morale.

Page 2: A Tale Told in Antiquity Edit

There is a tale sometimes told of a great battle that took place in a land of deep snows, a conflict between invader and invaded. Though the invaders took the day, too weary were they to take their leave of the battlefield, for the snow was very deep, and the footing treacherous. And so snows came in the night, killing the invaders as they slept. Of those who fought in that battle, only one man, a villager, survived to make the journey home. Finding a bomb fragment from one of invaders' cruel weapons, he used its fire to set light to the bodies of both friend and foe, and by that warmth did he cling to life, and by that glow did he mend his wounds.

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