TA2 Green King of Cinquleur is a quest in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Located in block 5a.III on the Quest Report, it is the third quest in the Cinquleur chain of missions.


  • Location: Zedlei Forest (Zedlei Forest region)
  • Description: To battle with the mageclan Cinquleur! This time you face Green King Verre!
  • Objective: Defeat Green King Verre!
  • Forbidden: Restoring HP
  • Formation: 6 units allowed


  • 30 Ability Points
  • 99 Clan Points
  • 3+ Teamwork, +3 Adaptability
  • Save the queen FFTA2 Save the Queen

Enemy formationEdit

Unit Level Equipment Action Abilities Reaction Ability Support Ability
FFTA2-GreenMageSprite 66 FFTA2 Mjolnir Mjolnir
FFTA Mirror Mail Mirror Mail
FFTA Gauntlets Gauntlets
FFTA Dash Boots Sprint Shoes
FFTA Ribbon Ribbon
Green Magick
(Last Breath, Nightmare, Ague)
Blink Counter Tank


Verre uses her Tranq to raise the accuracy of her Assassination abilities, and with her Blink Counter, it makes her a dangerous foe to fight up close. Her Mirror Mail discourages the use of magic, making ranged non-magic attacks the ideal way to face her.
The stage is riddled with Leech traps, making traversing around without acting first a risk.


Verre: You are the ones the Blue King spoke of? I am Green King Verre, wielder of green magicks!
Party leader: The Green a lady? These Cinquleur are a mixed bunch. I wonder why they fight?
Verre: We of Cinquleur were drawn together by a shared love of victory and strength in battle. Do you not know joy when victorious over your foe? This is all we seek—not reward, not fame, but victory.
Party leader: Sure, we fight to win... But that's not all we do!


Verre: A superb the fact that I lost. I will tell the Black King of the value I have seen in you today.
Party leader: Maybe now would be a good time for the Green King to rethink -her- values.