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Final Fantasy X Original Creation
Greater Sphere
ヒュージスフィア (HyūjiSufia)
HP Overkill MP
1,500,000 99,999 999
Strength Magic Defense
87 102 130
M. Defense Agility Accuracy
120 55 200
Evasion Luck
0 15
AP (Overkill) Gil
50,000 (50,000) 0
Elemental affinities
Fire Lightning Water Ice Holy
Varies Varies Varies Varies Absorbs
Sensor Immune to Sensor.
Location Monster Arena
Common Steal Gambler's Spirit
Rare Steal Return Sphere
Common Drop Luck Sphere
Rare Drop Dark Matter
Weapon Drop One MP Cost
Armor Drop Auto-Phoenix
Bribe N/A
Abilities Blizzaga, Elemental Shift, Firaga, Flare, Hydraulic Press, Thundaga, Ultima, Waterga
Ronso Rage N/A
Resistant to Zanmato (Lv. 5)
Immune to Silence, Sleep, Darkness, Poison, Petrification, Slow, Zombie, Power Break, Magic Break, Armor Break, Mental Break, Threaten, Death, Provoke, Sensor, Scan, Gravity, Delay, Eject
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Greater Sphere is an enemy in Final Fantasy X, bred in the Original Creation at Monster Arena. It looks and attacks similar to the Spherimorph boss from Macalania Woods; the magical alignment rotates following each magic hit.

It is, of course, much stronger and will counter all physical attacks with Ultima. On its turn will alternate between a normal attack and unleashing Hydraulic Press, which deals damage to the entire party, equal to 15/16 of each character's maximum HP. Greater Sphere is unlocked after two Species Conquest monsters are bred.


The Greater Sphere is unusually time consuming to defeat and very powerful. Armor granting abilities such as Break HP Limit, Auto-Haste, Auto-Protect, and Auto-Shell prove helpful, and a high Magic Defense attribute is vital. The Greater Sphere is vulnerable to an element, but shifts it randomly once hit by its weakness. Unlike the Spherimorph, the Greater Sphere absorbs any other element. Before attacking Greater Sphere, the player should be prepared to weather Ultima as a counterattack.

Tidus's and Wakka's Overdrives, Blitz Ace and Attack Slots respectively, can hasten the battle significantly. For every Overdrive the Greater Sphere survives it will counter with its physical attack, Hydraulic Press. It can be noted however, that after the Greater Sphere attacks with an elemental attack, that it will then be weak to that attacks opposite. For example, if the greater sphere attacks with lightning, then attack it with a water based attack for maximum HP damage.

Another helpful strategy is to summon Anima and cast Protect and Haste. If Anima loses health, cast Curaga. Use Oblivion three times (with max Strength). Works only in the International/PAL versions.

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