FFX-2 Great Whirl

Great Whirl in Final Fantasy X-2.

Inflict heavy damage on all enemies.
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Great Whirl (大乱舞, Dairanbu?) is a Limit Break-type associated with Yuna's Final Fantasy X-2 appearance. It consists of shooting beams in enemies' direction dealing massive damage.


Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Great Whirl is an ability for Yuna exclusive to the Floral Fallal dressphere. It sends twelve beams at the enemy group dealing large magic damage. It requires charging the entire ATB gauge and has a cooldown of the whole gauge as well. It requires 30 AP to learn.

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

Great Whirl is a SR rarity STR ability. It has Attack of 1,550, Defense of 1,440 and Slow Growth.

Final Fantasy ExplorersEdit

Great Whirl is an ability for the Legend Yuna.