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Great Gubal Library (Hard) is a dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, released in Patch 3.4, Soul Surrender. It is the hard mode of Great Gubal Library.


Though long-since abandoned by its Sharlayan keepers, the Great Gubal Library does not want for visitants, its halls ever stirring with the voidsent guardians who walk its corridors. With danger at every turn, the fool who dares trespass here would find not wisdom but certain doom. Yet it was not long ago that an intrepid adventurer braved the deepest depths of this forbidding vault of knowledge, returning unscathed and wiser for the experience─a feat of daring that would be sung of the realm over. Mayhap that is why an anonymous individual would beseech that selfsame champion to return in search of long-forgotten knowledge. One can only hope this venture proves yet another enlightening lesson.
—Duty Finder


  • Arrive in the Hall of Magicks.
  • Clear the Hall of Magicks.
  • Arrive in the Astrology and Astromancy Camera.
  • Clear the Astrology and Astromancy Camera.
  • Arrive in the Rare Tomes Room.
  • Defeat Strix.



  • Spine Breaker
  • Bibliophagist
  • Bibliovore
  • Bibliolater
  • Baboulas
  • High Baboulas
  • Demon of the Tome
  • Inkstain
  • Biblioclast
  • Fire Homunculus
  • Bibliophobe
  • Enchanted Inkhorn
  • Forbidden Tome
  • Living Liquid
  • Poroggo Pegist
  • Poroggo Polist
  • Mechanomagus
  • Mechanoscribe
  • Mechanoservitor
  • Apanda
  • Strix



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