The Great Gubal Library is a dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. It is the last leveling dungeon in Heavensward. Unlike earlier leveling dungeons, its maximum level is at the (as of Heavensward) cap of 60. For this reason, Patch 3.1 added an item level sync of 150 to prevent players with endgame gear from being too overpowered for the dungeon's encounters.


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Built by the learned men and women of Sharlayan, the Great Gubal Library is the grandest repository of knowledge in all of Eorzea. Lining its towering shelves are tomes beyond count, gathered from the farthest reaches of the realm. Like the city-state, however, the library was abandoned by its caretakers when they fled to their motherland in the face of Garlean invasion.
—In-game description.
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  1. Defeat the demon tome.
  2. Defeat Byblos.
  3. Defeat the Everliving Bibliotaph.


XIV Great Gubal Library 02


XIV Demon Tome
  • Meganeura
  • Gubal Falcon
  • Sentient Inkhorn
  • Sentient Tome
  • Marolith
  • Demon Tome
  • Spandule
  • Page 64
  • Pseudo Sprite
  • Spine Duster
  • Byblos
  • Tomeshifter Imp
  • Skatene
  • Vodoriga Biblioclast
  • Logos
  • Speedreader
  • The Everliving Bibliotaph


  • The dungeon and many of its monsters are a throwback to the Library of the Ancients in Final Fantasy V.
  • This is the only leveling dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV with a specific item level sync.
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