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The Graszton area.

This narrow stretch of land overlooks the Sea of Ewohl. People and goods stream through the busy port city of Graszton.

Graszton is a location in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Nu mou recruits can be found here during late spring and early summer months. This is the location of Brightmoon Tor's first entrance. This area is also found in Crystal Defenders R2 as a playable location.


The Vieg SouthroadEdit

Where there are travelers, there are highwaymen. This road sees its fair share of both.

Baybold LowlandsEdit

The sound of distant waves can just be heard above the hard wind. Few plants find purchase in the barren soil.


Awash with merchants and sailors, this lively port town is an important center for trade and commerce in the region.

Secret LocationsEdit


This dark, unsettling forest is rumored to serve as a hideout for brigands and thieves.

This area is unlocked after completing the quest Bonga Bugle - Silversun.

Melby PointEdit

Faeries are said to gather in this secluded spot, where white flower petals dance on the wind.

This area is unlocked after unlocking Shadeholme and completing the quest The Sun Seal. It is where Brightmoon Tor appears when the moon lights up the dark night. It also appears in Crystal Defenders.


Bisga HighroadEdit

This road leads north to the Bisga Greenlands. A group of volunteer watchmen patrols the highway.

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