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Grand Cross
Inflict various status effects with the interwoven form of earth in nothingness.
—Description, Final Fantasy Tactics.
For videos, see: Grand Cross (ability)/Videos.

Grand Cross (グランドクロス, Gurando Kurosu?), also known as GrandCros, is a recurring enemy ability in the Final Fantasy series. Used only by the final boss in most of its appearances, it causes a whole host of status effects.


Final Fantasy VEdit

V Grand Cross (translated as GrandCros the Anthology version)in is Neo Exdeath's ultimate attack, causing many different status effects to the whole party. It is predictable, occurring shortly after a text box appears stating, "The laws of the universe mean nothing!"

Often mistaken for Neo Exdeath shouting this himself, it is actually an in-game description of what is happening that could not be graphically depicted. Reality is twisting to cause the various effects on the party. The original phrasing was more passive as, "The laws of the universe are warping!" The phrase itself became a meme in Japan, leading to its return and emphasis in his Dissidia appearance.

In the Advance version, Enuo also uses this attack, more often than Exdeath and without warning.

Final Fantasy IXEdit

IX Necron will use Grand Cross on a regular basis, usually inflicting the most severe status effects, including Death and Petrify. This version of Grand Cross can be particularly devastating as it can kill a character and inflict the Zombie status on them simultaneously. The character will keep the Zombie status even after death meaning they can't be revived as healing items and spells work in reverse on zombified characters. However, party members can use a Magic Tag to remove the Zombie status on the victim and subsequently revive them.

The track "The Final Battle" is called "Grand Cross" on the The Black Mages III: Darkness and Starlight album.

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit


Inject tons of evil spirits! Grand Cross!
—Grand Cross upon casting

Ultima's ultimate attack, the Grand Cross, hits a large area, inflicting Petrify, Blind, Confuse, Silence, Berserk, Toad, Poison, Slow, and/or Sleep with a 25% chance of each effect hitting. Ultima can use this ability in both of her forms. In her High Seraph form it's in the Chaos skillset, while in her Arch Seraph form it's a Divine Magicks skillset.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

TA2 The Neukhia's ultimate attack, Grand Cross, will only be used when the Wisp is dead and it has charged enough of the stones on the battlefield. When used, it deals massive damage to any units standing beside a charged stone.

Using a trigger command while standing next to a glowing stone while it is still charging will prevent Grand Cross from being cast by that group of rocks.

Dissidia Final FantasyEdit


This is it!

Grand Cross is one of Exdeath's HP attacks. It conjures several orbs of nothingness to circle and converge on the opponent. Exdeath learns the ground version of the attack at level 16 and can cast it in the air at level 30. Grand Cross costs 40 CP to equip and 300 AP to master.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Dissidia012 Grand Cross returns as one of Exdeath's HP attacks, now costing 30 CP to equip and 130 AP to master.

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

FFAB Alma appears as a Legend, that when summoned will use the Grand Cross ability.

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Final Fantasy All the BravestEdit

ATB Grand Cross is the ability used by Neo Exdeath that targets multiple characters.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit


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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

TCG Exdeath's card featuring his Amano artwork can use Grand Cross, which costs seven Light CP, the discard of an Exdeath card, and Dulling Exdeath. Grand Cross removes all other characters and all cards in both Break Zones from the game.



A Grand cross is an astrological event where four planets are aligned in such a way that they are 90 degrees apart from each other and form a perfect cross. The planets are each of a different elemental alignment (fire, wind, earth, water), and thus a Grand Cross is often seen as a sign of tension and inability to progress because the different aspects of the personality are at odds with each other. This is why the graphic for Grand Cross as an attack often depicts four orbs forming the mentioned formation.

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