Gosetsu Everfall is a character from Final Fantasy XIV. He is a samurai from Doma. Renowned as a peerless warrior, this loyal retainer dreams of a day when the shadow of Garlemald no longer darkens his homeland.



As a Roegadyn, Gosetsu carries the traditionally massive stature and musculature of his kind, as well as somewhat unusually pale skin compared to average Hellsguard individuals. Both his hair, moustache and beard are all silver in color and immaculately trimmed. Gosetsu also dresses himself in the traditional garb of a Doman samurai. His katana, indeed, is also somewhat well-ornamented.


Gosetsu is boisterous in both his words and actions. He is also carries an incredible pride for his nation, to the point of refusing to acknowledge starvation in the face of imminent duty to his homeland. When the prospect of fighting for his nation is brought up, hesitation can instantly turn into joyous agreement. Gosetsu also carries immense confidence in his combat abilities, standing directly in front of the Warrior of Light when faced against a squadron of Garlean soldiers.


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Final Fantasy XIV: HeavenswardEdit

Gosetsu is first seen after the events of Baelsar's Wall occured, sailing into Vesper Bay on a relatively tiny boat. Striding directly up to the first individual he could question, he soon set out to find Yugiri -- who he knew to be somewhere in Eorzea -- before promptly falling unconscious from starvation. Fortunately, he is taken in by Urianger, who grants him a meal and directions to Mor Dhona. Once he arrives in the Rising Stones, he soon requests that Yugiri immediately return to Doma, as her services are needed to help assist their mutual master. However, in the face of Yugiri's refusal (citing the hospitality granted by the Eorzean alliance) and Nero tol Scaeva's mention of Garlemald's intent to take Omega, Gosetsu happily agrees to assist the party; stating that he is oathbound to fall upon the empire wheresoever they march. The Warrior of Light and the rest of their party, upon arriving in Carteneau, are set upon by an imperial squadron. With Gosetsu leading the charge, the adventurer's party is victorious; and thus they proceed to activate Omega and repel Shinryu. Afterwards, both Gosetsu and Yugiri lament the dire state of their war against the empire. But, rallying their spirits, both warriors turn their eyes eastward in the coming fight to liberate their home.

Final Fantasy XIV: StormbloodEdit

FFXIV Gosetsu Death

Gosetsu saves everyone from the collapsing Doma Castle.

In the aftermath of the battle for Doma Castle, Gosetsu saves the Warrior of Light, Hien, and Yugiri by catching a collapsing ceiling as the castle crumbles. While initially confident he can escape the wreckage, he is shot twice in the side by the trapped Yotsuyu, dashing his hopes, and the injury prevents him from escaping as the castle collapses completely. Soroban posits that he may have washed out to sea with the wreckage and attempts to find him, but is unsuccessful and Gosetsu is presumed dead.

However, it is revealed after the battle of Ala Mhigo that both Gosetsu and Yotsuyu survived, the latter revealed to have lost memories as Gosetsu managed to built a raft to get them off the desert island they ended up on before reaching Kugane.

The Legend ReturnsEdit

Gosetsu is attempting to find passage across the Ruby Sea to Doma to reunite with Hien while accompanied by Yotsuyu, whom he became concerned for due to her new mindset and how many of his fellow Domans would bear a grudge against her for her past actions.

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