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The Gorgonopsid is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII. They are often seen fighting the Behemoth King, Goblins, and Navidon. Gorgonopsids can be found all over the Archylte Steppe.


Its Virulent Breath can inflict Poison. They can attack in packs or with other stronger monsters.


When they are first encountered on the Archylte Steppe in Gran Pulse, it is safe to engage them for a quick battle, as they pose no real danger with the Delta Attack (COM/RAV/SEN) paradigm.

If four or more appear, or they are accompanied by stronger denizens, such as a Behemoth King or Megistotherian, it may be best to avoid them, or aim for a Preemptive Strike and dispatch of the larger adversaries first. Like most enemies on the Archylte Steppe, Gorgonopsids pose no threat when encountered in Chapter 13.

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Gorgonopsia ("gorgon face") is an order of prehistoric animals.

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