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Google Play Web Portal

Google Play's Web Portal.

Google Play is a digital multimedia distribution service operated by Google. It includes an online store for music, movies, books, magazines, and Android applications and games, as well as a cloud media player. The service is accessible from the web and the Play Store mobile app available to Android devices. Acquired content is available across all supported platforms. Google Play was introduced when Google merged the Android Market and Google Music services into Google Play.

Final Fantasy software distributed through Google PlayEdit

Name Image Price Current Version Date Minimal Version Required Size
Final Fantasy
European flag 5,67€ 2.3 September 4, 2012 Android 2.1 44 MB
Final Fantasy II
American-flag $7.99 3.0 December 21, 2012 Android 2.2 168 MB
Final Fantasy III
European flag 12,99€ 1.0.2 July 4, 2012 Android 2.2 172 MB
Final Fantasy IV FFIV Cell Logo European flag 15,49€ 1.20 June 3, 2013 Android 2.33 441 MB
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years FFIV TAY 3D Logo 1.0.6 November 24, 2014 Android 2.3 454 MB
Final Fantasy V
American-flag $15.99 1.0.6 September 25, 2013 Android 4.0 142 MB
Final Fantasy VI
American-flag $15.99 1.0.0 January 15, 2013 Android 3.2 493 MB
Final Fantasy IX FfixLogo 1.0.2 February 9, 2016 Android 4.1 1,8 GB
Crystal Defenders
Crystal Defenders
European flag 0,69 € 1.0 June 29, 2012 Android 2.0 16 MB
Final Fantasy Dimensions
American-flag $19.99 1.1.2 December 21, 2012 Android 2.3.3 200 MB
Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade
FFAB International Logo
Free August 26, 2012 Android 2.2 532 KB
Final Fantasy All the Bravest FFATB Logo Free 1.0.0 January 17, 2013 Android 2.3.3 43 MB
Final Fantasy Record Keeper Final-Fantasy-Record-Keeper-logo Free 4.1.2 March 26, 2015 Android 2.3 104 MB
Final Fantasy Portal App Final Fantasy Portal App Free 1.0.6 August 19, 2015 Android 4.0 8,5 MB


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