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Good King Moggle Mog XII is a boss in Final Fantasy XIV. He is fought in the Trial Thornmarch (Hard), available through the Main Scenario Quests in Patch 2.1 and also in the Thornmarch (Extreme) available through the Primal Quests in patch 2.2.


Thornmarch (Hard)Edit

This trial is engaged during the Main Scenario quest "You Have Selected Regicide". Initially the mooglesguard must be fought before the King appears, who will revive them at the start of phase two. Good King Moggle Mog XII will add his fallen mooglesguard's abilities to his arsenal once they have been defeated.

Each of the moogles has a job class, with distinct abilities:

  • Whiskerwall Kupdi Koop - Paladin - Can use an attack called "Moogle Mogshield" on an area of effect around himself, and can "taunt" players with "Thrown for a Loop" that causes them to walk toward him uncontrollably (can be removed by healers).
  • Woolywart Kupqu Kogi - Ranger - Attacks random players with Moogle Eye Shot. Also at times will use Mograin of Death, an Area-of-effect high damaging attack. Those targeted will have cross-hairs overhead.
  • Pukla Puki the Pomburner - Black Mage - Periodically uses Pom Flare after wandering to hit everyone for heavy damage. This has a long cast time and an obvious warning indicator, but can be stunned by inflicting sufficient damage.
  • Pukna Pako the Tailturner - Thief - Randomly targets a player and swiftly attacks.
  • Furryfoot Kupli Kipp - White Mage - Heals various moogles with Mog Cure.
  • Ruffletuft Kupta Kapa - Warrior - Uses Moogle-Go-Round to attack players in an area of effect.
  • Puksi Piko the Shaggysong - Bard - Enhances other moogles attack power with a song.

At the start, only Whiskerwall Kuodi Koop (PLD) is present. When 20 seconds elapse after engaging him, Pukla Puki (BLM) and Kupqu Kogi (ARC) show up. After 30 seconds, Pukna Pako (THF), Kupta Kapa (WAR), and Kupli Kipp (WHM) enters the fray. After 40 seconds, Puksi Piko (BRD) appears. Once a full minute passes, the King will be summoned. The goal is to eliminate as many of the moogles as possible before that happens in order to reduce damage from Memento Moogle. Note that only the PLD and WAR moogles can be held by tanks with enmity; all others act on their own.

Once Good King Moggle Mog XII appears, he will use Mememto Moogle, the damage based on any surviving moogles in the field. All other moogles will be restored to full health and the music switches to the chorus. The recommended kill order is BLM > WHM > BRD > RNG > THF > PLD > WAR > Good King Moggle Mog XII, due to the dangers presented by certain moogles.

Defeating Pukla Puki the Pomburner results in the King using Pom Meteor on various sections of the field, which should be evaded. When Furryfoot Kupli Kipp falls, the king retaliates with Pom Holy over a large area.

If not enough moogles are down in time or Good King Moggle Mog XII is damaged to 65% before enough moogles fall, the king will again cast Memento Moogle, which this time will be lethal, resulting in a group wipe if the majority of the moogles are not dead prior to the cast.

Thornmarch (Extreme)Edit

This trial is unlocked after completing the Primal Quest "The King Lives". Unlike the other battles, initially only Good King Moggle Mog XII is present on the field. Once his health is lowered to 90%, the other moogles join the battle.

This battle is much more difficult due to the different strategy needed to win and the new tactics employed by the moogles. The king has a frontal attack which will drain MP or TP and should be kept away from any party member as well as any other moogles except from the WAR and PLD, which the tanks will deal with. Each time a moogle is slain, Good King Moggle Mog XII will restore all moogles to full health (at a cost to his own), but after the second time he uses Pom Meteor (dealing high AoE damage), and the third time (where he can no longer revive his fallen mooglesguard) he will cast a full-power Memento moogle that will KO all players unless he is killed in time.

To best deal with this, players should try to get every moogle down to around 10% health before defeating one. Since Pukla Puki will periodically try to cast Pom Flare (that needs to be stunned by inflicting 1000 damage), it's best to only attack her when she's casting. It's best avoid fighting in the center if possible, as the moogles sometimes perform a Delta Attack on command of the king. If the moogles are handled successfully, the King should sacrifice nearly half his health to revive them.

In Phase 3, the players must repeat the same strategy, except the moogles now have some new tricks whenever the King rallies them. The king will buff any moogles within his vicinity, which at three stacks will end up being lethal to the tanks, so the tanks must constantly be on watch for the buff stacks on the PLD and WAR (the only two which they can tank) and swap aggro on the king so that the stacks do not go over 3. The THF may initially deal minimal damage, however if he is ever buffed by the king and/or BRD high enough he will begin to one-hit kill any party member other than the tank—this can be said for the RNG as well. The WAR and WHM moogles may use a combination of Pom Holy and Moogle-go-Round. Moogle-go-Round should be dispelled by the healer otherwise the affected party member may die. If the Holy isn't interrupted similar to the BLM's Pom Flare, the party would most likely wipe as it covers the entire arena.

The RNG may target three players with Mograin of Death, which will damage nearby players—this damage can be reduced by being closer to the RNG. The PLD will also taunt three players closest to him using Thrown for a Loop, requiring immediate dispelling by healers otherwise the taunted players will die to the green zone underneath the PLD. Because of this, it is crucial that the healers are furthest from the PLD at all times to ensure that both are not taunted, which will most likely result in the party being defeated. Once all moogles are whittled down and one defeated, the King will use Pom Meteor after reviving them. This should leave him with 10% health.

In the final phase, after many deaths of his mooglesguard, the king will attempt to eradicate the entire party with his ultimate, Memento Moogle after one of them falls for good. All moogles must once again be weakened to at least 10% first, otherwise the party would most likely not have enough time to defeat the king before the ultimate is cast. Once he starts Memento Moogle, the remaining moogles must be swiftly eliminated. The King will then be vulnerable to damage, and must be defeated before Memento Moogle is cast. Limit Break level 3 should be used at this phase, either mage AoE to finish the remaining moogles (if sufficient DPS in party) or melee single-target attack on the king in order to defeat him before the party itself all dies to Memento Moogle.


Completing Thornmarch (Extreme) grants the "Good Kingslayer" achievement.