The Goliath is a Rank VI Mark from Final Fantasy XII. The hunt can be undertaken after the storyline events in Draklor Laboratory are complete. The Goliath can be found in the Hall of Slumbering Might area of the Necrohol of Nabudis. Goliath is part of the Jovy side quest in Nalbina Fortress.

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Hunt 24: The Creature Collector Edit


Mark Bill.

Petitioner: Barrong
Petitioner's Location: Nalbina Fortress
  • Saw bill posted for the hunting of Goliath (Rank VI). The petitioner is Barrong in the West Ward in Nalbina.
  • Hunt accepted. Barrong wants field observations on Goliath for his bestiary. Goliath is to be found in the Necrohol of Nabudis. Enter through the marshes and you're sure to spot him.
  • Goliath defeated! Report to Barrong in the West Ward in Nalbina.
  • Hunt reported. Barrong seemed quite pleased with the addition of another page to his bestiary.

Bestiary entry Edit

A magickal Fiend of great Size, appearing Sometime after the Destruction of Nabudis. The Manner of its Fashioning and the Source of its Power are both Mysteries, its apparent Materials and Accoutrements being wholly different from other such Constructs. Of late, Interest in this Fiend has spread beyond the usual scholarly Crowd, leading Barrong, an aspiring Author of Bestiaries to post a Bill for this Mark.


Battle Edit

FFXII Goliath

Battle with Goliath.

To find Goliath, the player should enter the Necrohol of Nabudis from the Nabreus Deadlands.

Goliath will erect a Magick Barrier negating all magick attacks against it. Like all Automaton-enemies, Goliath can cast Graviga, which shave away about half of the characters' HP. Goliath mostly relies on its Graviga magick, as well as other types of Magicks, but it can dish out moderate damage.

Once it reaches HP Critical, it becomes stronger and faster.

Strategy Edit

When fighting Goliath, crowd control plays an important role. The moment Goliath appears, one should immediately cast Dispel on it. This move is crucial since Goliath will erect a Magick Barrier and if the player fails to Dispel it, one should be prepared for a long battle.

First, the party should dispose of the Baknamy quickly by using Warp Motes (no matter if the party succeeded in dispelling Goliath or not), and focus on attacking Goliath. Unless the party is relying on constant Bubble by equipping Bubble Belts, one should not cast Bubble on the characters, since this will increase Graviga's damage.

One should aim to finish Goliath quickly when its health hits critical, since it will hit fast and hard.

The easiest tactic is to cast Reflect on the characters, or equip Mirror Mails, to reflect Goliath's magicks (dealing heavy damage to it while taking no damage) and bash it from afar using ranged weapons like guns, bows, or crossbow. For a melee party the player should equip their "tank" with a Bubble Belt and set a gambit for Arise: Ally any and Bravery: "Character's Name" that will will finish it off. The Technick Expose works well on it.

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In the Old Testament of the Bible, Goliath was a giant Philistine who was defeated by David.

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