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Goldor Manor, also known as Goldor's Mansion, is a location in Final Fantasy III found on the southern tip of the large eastern continent on the Surface World, beyond the bottomless bog. As its name suggests it is the extravagant home of Goldor and is covered from floor to ceiling in gold. The enemies here are gold-themed.


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After getting the Levigrass Shoes from Delilah at the Amur Sewers, the Warriors of the Light head towards the Goldor Manor, which they can now access.

At the manor, they meet Goldor at the manor's "crystal room" where they fight him. With his last breath, Goldor destroys the Crystal, which astonishes the heroes. It is not the real Earth Crystal, rather, being a gold fake of it. The Warriors find the key to the chains that hold the Enterprise, thus returning to Amur to unlock it. After that they are able to fly the skies of the Surface World.

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Item Location
Golden Sword x11 First Floor, Treasure Room
Wyvern Claws First Floor, Treasure Room


Battle BackgroundEdit


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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


FFRK Goldor Manor FFIII

As the waters recede following the death of the Kraken, the party is caught in the collapsing Cave of Tides. They wake in the Inn at Amur, miraculously alive, yet find their airship Enterprise in chains.

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Musical themesEdit

"Into the Crystal Cave" from Final Fantasy III (DS)
FFIII - Into the Crystal Cave
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The background music that plays at the Goldor Manor is called "Into the Crystal Cave".



  • Attempting to cross the swamp surrounding the manor without the Levigrass Shoes will result in a Game Over

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