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You will not take my crystal! Instead, you will take a sound thrashing!

Goldor is a minor antagonist in Final Fantasy III. He owns a giant, gold-encrusted manor to the south of Amur.



Goldor and his beloved crystal.

Goldor lives in his manor, where everything is pure gold. Within it is a crystal, of which Goldor is very protective. When the four Warriors of the Light appeared on the Surface World after cleansing the Water Crystal, Goldor was afraid the Warriors might take his crystal away, and so chained their ship with a giant gold chain.

The Warriors of the Light then traveled to Goldor Manor, but not before acquiring the Levigrass Shoes used to cross the deadly bottomless bog in front of the golden estate. Inside the labyrinthine mansion, they confronted many gold monsters until they came face to face with Goldor. By defeating him, they obtained the key that would be used to unshackle their ship.

Goldor's crystal is his most valued of possessions, but in reality, it is made of gold like everything else and is not the crystal of Earth as the Warriors of the Light suspect. As such, no new Jobs are unlocked after defeating Goldor.


Goldor is fought at the end of his mansion.

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Goldor is a portmanteau of "gold" and the French word "or", which also means "gold."

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