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Final Fantasy III Enemy
ゴールドナイト (Gōrudonaito)
Level HP
32 285
600 350
Elemental Affinities
Fire Cold Thunder
- - -
Wind Light Dark Swords
- - -
Location Goldor's Mansion, Salonia
Steal Potion
Item Dropped None
Abilities None
Other Information None
Gold Knight
ゴールドナイト (Gōrudonaito)
Gold Knight
#092#093 #094
Level HP
25 1,100
Attack Defense
48 22
1,500 350
Elemental Affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water
- - - -
Wind Light Dark Blades
- - -
Location Goldor Manor
Steal Gold Needle
Common Drop Gold Needle
Uncommon Drop Gold Needle
Rare Drop Gold Needle
Abilities Thunder
Other Information None

The Gold Knight, also known as the GoldKngt., is an enemy from Final Fantasy III. It is found in Goldor Manor. They are relatively powerful, but are among the weaker enemies found in the manor. Physical attacks work well enough in defeating them.

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

FFRK Gold Knight FFIII


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Gallery Edit

Etymology Edit

A knight is a mounted soldier in armor who served his sovereign or lord in the Middle Ages.

Related enemies Edit

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