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Final Fantasy XIII version of the Gold Bangle in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Gold Bangle (ゴールドバングル, Gōrudo Banguru?) is a recurring armor and accessory in the series.


Final Fantasy XEdit

X Gold Bangle is an armor for Lulu, obtained if the dominant abilities on any bangle are any two Defense+% abilities.

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

XIII Gold Bangle is an accessory. It has eleven levels of advancement and at maximum level requires an Uranite in order to upgrade it to a Mythril Bangle. Gold Bangle raises maximum HP between 250 and 350 points. Its synthesis ability is Magic Wall which reduces received damage from each magic-oriented hit by a flat amount. It can be found aboard the Palamecia in the Bridge Access area, and bought from B&W Outffiters retail network since chapter 10.

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Level Req. Exp. Total Exp. Bonus Dismantle
1 HP +250 Amplifier
2 HP +260
3 HP +270
4 HP +280
5 HP +290
6 HP +300
7 HP +310
8 HP +320
9 HP +330
10 HP +340
12,186 HP +350 Amplifier ×9, Ferroelectric Film, Tungsten Bangle

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

XIII-2 Gold Bangle is an accessory that raises maximum HP by 25%, has High HP: Power Surge as its synthesis ability, and has a Accessory Capacity value of 60. It sells for 2,100 gil. It can be found in a treasure sphere in Academia 500 AF, and dropped from Atlas (unweakened state; 5% chance), Deathgaze, and Geiseric.

A Gold Bangle can be degraded or upgraded at Chocolina's shop in Academia 500 AF, both variants still retaining High HP: Power Surge as its synthesis ability. The Delicate Gold Bangle variant increases maximum HP by 23% and comes with slightly decreased Accessory Capacity of 55. It requires 6,300 gil, a Gold Bangle, and a Tear of Woe. It sells for 3,150 gil. The Durable Gold Bangle variant increases maximum HP by 30% and comes with slightly increased Accessory Capacity of 65. It requires 2,100 gil, a Gold Bangle, and an Abyssal Scale. It sells for 1,050 gil.

Final Fantasy XVEdit


NameEffectsValueObtainEquippable by
Gold BangleMax HP +500Buy: —
Sell: 0
Find: The Myrlwood, Ch.15: Hammerhead region, Pitioss Ruins, Ch.15: Ketcatric Trench maze
Reward: A Most Behemoth Undertaking (Wiz Chocobo Post) hunt, become Hunter Rank 4, complete training level 5, Justice Monsters Five minigame
A bangle forged of gold. Increases maximum HP significantly.

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit

TYPE0 Gold Bangle provides HP +50% to the wearer. It can be bought for 5000 gil from the Armory after completing Protecting the Defector), or obtained from the tasks Mad about Ms. Tokimiya III, Slayer's Spoils V, or A Watchdog's Wish. It is also obtained as a Special Bounty for clearing The Reclamation of Eibon.

Dissidia Final FantasyEdit

Dissidia Gold Bangle is a level 36 bangle that provides +150 HP, +26 Defense, and is 1/3rd of the "Glorious Gold" set. It can be obtained from the shop by trading 10,750 gil, Silver Bangles, and Gold.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Dissidia012 Gold Bangle returns as a level 30 bangle that provides +267 HP, +23 Defense, and is 1/3rd of the "Glorious Gold" set. It can be obtained from the shop by trading 24,600 gil, Silver Bangles, Gold, and Despot's Desire x3.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


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