FF4PSPBattle Golbez

Golbez appears as a boss and AI-controlled character in Final Fantasy IV and as a permanently playable party member in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. He is typically a strong caster of Black Magic and a physical fighter, being able to equip swords, dark swords and staves, as well as wear heavy armor.

Final Fantasy IVEdit


Party memberEdit

FFIV DS Golbez Status

Golbez's initial stats in the 3D version.

Golbez appears as a playable character during two AI-controlled fights at the end of the game, fighting Zemus and Zeromus alongside Fusoya. He knows the Black Magic spells Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Meteor and Twincasts Double Meteor with Fusoya. As a child, Golbez was attempting to learn Cure, but has no proficiency with White Magic as an adult.

Golbez's HP in his and Fusoya's battle against Zemus (2,943) can alternatively be read in Japanese as (憎しみ, nikushimi?), which means "hatred", while his starting HP in The After Years (2,971) can be read as (償い, tsugunai?), meaning "atonement".

In the 3D version, Golbez can be hacked into the player's party and is entirely functional. He has his own set of stats and a victory pose. He starts at level 1 and knows every Black Magic spell. He starts with four abilities learned, but none are equipped. His known abilities are: Attack, Defend, Items, and Black Magic. Golbez is right-handed. Upon level up, his HP does not increase while all his other stats do. On the status screen, Theodor appears instead of the armored Golbez, but during battle, the armored Golbez appears. His job is Lunarian. Golbez starts out with no equipment, but can equip every dark sword, sword (except Thundershard), rod, and staff. He can equip a wide range of armor.

Golbez will return to level 1 every time the player turns the power off, and will lose his stats, equipped weapon and armor, and his equipped abilities.

Equipment (3D)Edit

Dark Swords Swords Rods Staves Daggers
Shields Head Body Arms
Level HP MP Strength Speed Stamina Intelligence Spirit
1 2943 13 6 5 7 3 3
2 2943
3 2943
4 2943 43 9 8 9 6 6
5 2943 53 10 9 10 7 7
6 2943 63 11 10 11 8 8
7 2943 73 12 11 12 9 9
8 2943 83 12 12 13 10 10
9 2943 93 13 13 14 11 11
10 2943 104 14 14 15 12 12
11 2943 114 15 15 16 13 13
12 2943 124 16 16 17 14 14
13 2943 134 17 17 18 15 15
14 2943 144 18 18 19 16 16
15 2943


FF4PSP Golbez Boss

Golbez is fought as a boss and knows several strong spells. In the original 2D releases, Golbez has a simple attack pattern, but in the 3D releases, he acquires elemental weaknesses and resistances, casts stronger magic than before, and is overall a more difficult enemy.

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit




Golbez's HP is initially 2,971, giving him a great deal at first, but he will not gain more until Level 55, where he will be on par with the other characters. Golbez's HP and Stamina are fairly high, and his MP, Strength and Intelligence are decent. These balanced stats, combined with his wide variety of equipment, allow Golbez to function as both a powerful attacker and an effective mage at once, though ultimately he is outclassed in both aspects by dedicated characters.

Level HP MP Strength Speed Stamina Intelligence Spirit
30 2971 230 30 20 33 30 25
40 2971 313 41 25 44 37 30
50 2971 391 51 30 55 47 37
60 3592 475 59 34 65 55 38
70 4821 553 67 38 75 63 39
80 5771 600 69 40 76 65 41
90 6744 647 72 43 79 66 41
99 7601 686 74 45 81 68 42

The Golbez who fights in the flashbacks is an entirely different character in terms of game data, with slightly different stats from the normal Golbez. He has 2943 HP and 230 MP. If hacked into the party he can grow to Level 45, the level cap of The Lunarian's Tale, and will keep the same HP while his other stats increase normally as the normal Golbez.


FFIV TAY iOS Pressure

Golbez using Pressure.

He has access to the Pressure ability, which paralyzes an enemy, Taunt, which draws enemy attacks toward him, and most Black Magic spells, including the high level Flare and Meteor. Golbez doesn't learn the status-type spells that Palom and Rydia can, but has the advantage of knowing Firaga, Blizzaga and Thundaga at a much earlier level.

Flashback Golbez has accessed to the 3 levels of the three elemental spells and Bio. He cannot learn new spells, and does not have the Pressure and Taunt abilities.

Magic Level Learned
Fire Known
Fira Known
Firaga Known
Blizzard Known
Blizzara Known
Magic Level Learned
Blizzaga Known
Thunder Known
Thundara Known
Thundaga Known
Bio Known
Magic Level Learned
Osmose 32
Drain 35
Quake 42
Flare 55
Meteor 60
Band Abilities
Ability Members MP Effect
Double Black Magic
  • Golbez
  • Fusoya (Event)
30 Cast a powerful Black Magic spell on enemies.
Double Pressure
  • Golbez (Pressure)
  • Cecil (Cover)
20 Slows down all enemies.
Ultima Spark
  • Golbez (Black Magic)
  • Cecil (White Magic)
50 Inflicts non-elemental magic damage on all enemies. Can break damage limit.
Advanced Blade
  • Golbez (Black Magic)
  • Cecil (Attack)
  • Ceodore (Attack)
40 Imbue your sword with magic and attack one enemy. Can break damage limit.
Spiral Blow
  • Golbez
  • Kain (Event)
22 Two fighters attack one enemy.


Golbez can equip swords, axes, spears, hammers, rods, staves and daggers, as well as a combination of heavy armor and lightweight hats and robes.

Golbez starts with an Ancient Sword, an Ebony Robe and a Rune Armlet.

Flashback Golbez share the same tables and has the Ebony Blade as his sword.

Swords Daggers Axes Hammers
Spears Staves Rods
Shields Head Body Arms


Permanently missable contentEdit

In the flashback sequence of Golbez, if the player does not unequip the Ebony Blade during the Lunarian's Tale, it will be missed.

Near the end of the game, Golbez can be permanently recruited or missed. If the player brings Golbez, Cecil, Ceodore, and Rosa in their party when they fight the Dark Knight, Golbez will be playable permanently. Otherwise, he'll be removed from the party.