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Gohn, also called Gorn, is a location in Bartz's World in Final Fantasy V. It is located above the Ronka Ruins.


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Lenna & King Tycoon in Gohn

Lenna finds her father in Gohn.

The town of Gohn is a set of uninhabited, overgrown ruins located on top of the buried Ronka Ruins and the Catapult (an abandoned subterranean airship hangar facility). It is located in a valley beyond the Desert of Shifting Sands. The Earth Crystal is located beneath this city. Bartz's party arrives at Gohn and finds King Tycoon, the father of Lenna and Faris.

They chase him around the city, and eventually fall into the Catapult. King Tycoon reactivates the Ronka Ruins raising them from beneath the surface, destroying Gohn and turning the surrounding area into a desert.

Ronka Ruins WM

The Ronka Ruins floating over the desert of Gohn.

Later, Krile's meteor lands near the former location of Gohn, and the Ronka ruins crash into the desert where Gohn was located.

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Musical themesEdit

"Cursed Earth" from Final Fantasy V
FFV - Cursed Earth
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Unlike most towns, "Cursed Earth" (呪いの地, Noroi no Chi?) plays as the background theme to Gohn.



"Gohn" may be a play on the English word "gone" which may be interpreted as "a thing of past", fitting for the location.

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