The Goblot is an enemy in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. It can be found in the Dead Dunes.

The best farming locations for Goblot is Giant's Sandbox, as they often appear there (although Desert Sahagin and Gurangatch may appear there too).

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

Goblot moves around the stage and then uses Belch or Glutton to Lightning. Battling a group may become a threat for new players, as they can heal with Glutton and damage Lightning with Belch, which has a chance to inflict Poison. They are weak to Wind.

Strategy Edit

It is wise to bring a wind-based abilities, such as Aero Blitz, to defeat them faster. Guard-types abilities are also useful to prevent Lightning from being poisoned and reduce the HP that Goblot can recover from using Glutton. It may be wise to bring Aerora, Magnet and Aero Blitz, to defeat them faster.

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