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Goblin Island
Goblin Island.
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Goblin Island is an island in Final Fantasy VII. It is a large island covered in forests, located on the edge of the world's eastern hemisphere.

Native to the land are the Goblins, a race of expert fighters who dwell in the forests of the island. From them, the player can obtain the Zeio Nut, a crucial item in advanced chocobo breeding, as well as the enemy skill Goblin Punch.

The BradyGames guide does not call the island Goblin Island, but the forest Goblin Forest. This is due to Goblin enemies only being fought in forests, with other enemies being fought on other terrain.


Location of Goblin Island, indicated by crosshair.
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Goblin Island is located to the North-East beyond Gaia's Eastern continent.

Enemy formationsEdit



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