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Gnat is a family of enemies in Final Fantasy XI.

The countless dead left in the great war's wake served as a nearly limitless breeding ground for opportunistic pests such as the gnat. Without discrimination, these flesh-eating pests buried their eggs within corpses, which served as a food source for newly-hatched larvae. It is believed that feasting on the flesh of dead mages - on the Mindartian continent in particular--somehow triggered an evolutionary abnormality resulting in a formidable array of gnashing teeth. Once the unfailing acuity of the gnat's sense of smell became common knowledge, the distinctive buzzing of the gnat's approaching wings was considered a sure harbinger of death among soldiers.

Special Attacks Edit

  • Bombilation: AoE TP reduction.
  • Cimicine Discharge: AoE Slow and self-Haste.
  • Insipid Nip: Single target damage and absorbs a random attribute.
  • Pandemic Nip: Single target damage and transfers up to five debuffs from the Gnat to the target.


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