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Gloceana, originally romanized as Groceana and also known as Guroceana in the Anthology release, is a continent in Final Fantasy V on Galuf's World. According to Galuf and soldiers in Bal, it is crawling with monsters and extremely dangerous. However, there is one successful human village there.

Story Edit

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The Light Warriors are flung to Gloceana from Big Bridge after the Barrier Tower activates and land in an unspecified area. With the aid of a moogle, they find a safe path through the desert and are retrieved by Krile.

A non-playable character in Castle of Bal tells the party that Krile's parents vanished in the Gloceana Desert when they went searching for the last wind drake there. The dragon arrived in Bal, but her parents did not, and they were presumed dead.

Spoilers end here.

Locations Edit

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