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Glimmer of Hope was q quick-play single-track Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

New featuresEdit

In addition to being only the second event to reissue Memory Crystals II, after Doorway to Another Realm, this event introduced three new features:

  • Overstrike Soul Breaks, which can break the damage cap, allowing any unit with such a Soul Break to deal up to 99,999 points of damage with a single hit. As with Lost Memories, Cloud was the first to receive this feature.
  • Ultimate ++ dungeons: Dungeons can now reach a difficulty rating above 160.
  • Memory Crystals III: Select Heroes can now reach the maximum level at 99 with corresponding Crystals and Lodes.


Cloud and his team must once again track down Sephiroth, but an even greater threat looms as the disgraced hero summons Meteor. This event chronicles the party's most daunting battles in their quest to stop him.

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