Buckle protected by mysterious powers.
Final Fantasy IX description

Glass Buckle (ガラスのバックル, Garasu no Bakkuru? or グラスバックル, Garasu Bakkuru?) is a recurring accessory in the series.


Final Fantasy IXEdit

IX Glass Buckle is an accessory that provides +1 Strength, +1 Magic, +2 Spirit, +5 Magic Evasion, and teaches the abilities Add Status, Antibody, and Thunder. It can be synthesized for 500 gil, Glass Armlet, and Leather Wrist at Lindblum, Treno, Alexandria, and Black Mage Village. It can be equipped by everyone.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

X-2 Glass Buckle is an accessory that provides +8 Defense, +8 Magic Defense, and prevents Poison and Sleep. When three are consumed by a monster, it teaches the monster Health Preserver. It can be bought for 10,000 gil at Lake Macalania at O'aka's and Wantz's shop in Chapter 5 or for 2,500 credits at Open Air, Inc., found at Mushroom Rock Road and Thunder Plains (Chapter 4), stolen from Oversoul King Takouba, or bribed from King Takouba (88,416 gil - x10, rarely - x12).

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

XIII Glass Buckle is an accessory that raises resistance to Defaith between 30% to 45%. It has six levels of advancement and at maximum level requires a Perovskite in order to upgrade it to a Tektite Buckle. Its synthesis ability is Defaith Duration which shortens the duration of Defaith. It is a reward for completing Mission #32 and can be bought from B&W Outffiters retail network since chapter 12 for 3,000 gil.

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Level Req. Exp. Total Exp. Bonus Dismantle
1 Resist Defaith +30% Spined Horn
2 Resist Defaith +33%
3 Resist Defaith +36%
4 Resist Defaith +39%
5 Resist Defaith +42%
3,390 Resist Defaith +45% Spined Horn ×10, Gloomstalk
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