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The landscape of Giza Plains.

Rolling grassy plains. Muscmaloi grows here.
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Giza Plains (ギーザ平原, Gīza heigen?) is the first location in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance where Marche Radiuju begins his ventures with Clan Nutsy. It is a rolling grassy plain where the Muscmaloi grows.


In his first mission, Mission #001: Herb Picking, Marche came here, along with Montblanc and the rest of Clan Nutsy, to gather Muscmaloi herbs, and encountered some Goblins and monsters.

The clan in Mission #109: Snow Fairy spawns from it.


  • Mission #001: Herb Picking

Looking for people to gather the fever-reducing herb muscamaloi on the Giza Plain. No experience necessary. Ivalice Pharmacists Guild

  • Mission #027: Wanted!

This Month's Wanted! Diaghilev Godeye: 2800 gil! Using alchemy to make counterfeit gil! Rumored to have a third eye!

  • Mission #055: White Flowers

Please bring me some of the flowers I planted on the Giza Plains. They're the only way to cheer my sister up since mom died. Temil, Town Youth

  • Mission #070: Raven's Oath

Think you can push Clan Borzoi and its allies around? Next time, you face me: Dread Raven! Raven, Clan Borzoi

  • Mission #240: Giza Plains

A bug infestation has hit Giza Plains, and it will reach the town if we don't take action! Someone help drive those critters away! Noris, Townsperson

Clan EncounterEdit

Clan MarbleEdit

Turf DefenseEdit

Help Giza!Edit

The enemy Animist has the Chocobo Rush skill, which he will use to bombard your party from his side of the river. You can line up your units with the enemy Antlions to discourage the Animist from targeting them with this move.


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